- Deer Harvest Rules -
Updated: November 09, 2005

No deer should be taken by any adult hunter unless the deer has 8 or more total scorable points
and each antler is at least one inch outside the ear. (See "high rack" exception below)  While this
might seem like the deer would have a wide spread, most young deer span only 14" from ear tip to tip.



This is a young forked antler deer which is probably only a year and a half old.  Some deer this age will not have any bifurcation at all and are considered spike deer.  It was once a popular belief that "once a spike, always a spike", but that has been proven to be untrue.  "By the third year, data from our wild-trapped bucks seems to agree more with the results of Dr. Jacobson and the Mississippi State study. Yearling bucks with small antlers seemed to have just as good a chance of turning
into a good deer by their third year as the yearlings with larger antlers did." Click here for full details.



If the young deer above is given a chance to mature, he could possibly be as large as the one pictured at the right!



This is a picture of a young 8 point buck that is only 2 1/2 years old.  As you can see, his rack is about an inch short of matching his ear span.  If this buck is given a chance to mature, he could easily be a 10 or 12 pointer in a couple of years!  This picture was taken at the ranch on opening weekend, November 2005.



High Rack Exception:
This deer (photographed on the ranch in October 2005) could be considered an exception to the "outside the ear rule".  A "high rack" like this could score as many or more points than some wider spread antlers.  (Picture taken in October, 2005 at the Big G Ranch)

- Exceptions -

Exceptions to these rules may be made by Al Guerra to accommodate younger
hunters who have never harvested a buck deer.  All adults are expected to comply.

If you have questions, click here to email Al Guerra.

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